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Shawn P Allen, MD
Integrative Psychiatrist

Personal Biography

Shawn Allen M.D. is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist. Dr. Allen specializes in treating hard to diagnose patients, patients with severe emotional and behavioral problems and those who have been historically treatment resistant. She has extensive experience and expertise in diagnosing complex and challenging mental health conditions that may have been previously misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. Dr. Allen uses various diagnostic tools and techniques to assess the patient's symptoms, medical history, and family history to arrive at an accurate diagnosis. She works closely with other medical professionals, such as neurologists, dietitians and licensed therapist to rule out any underlying conditions that may be contributing to the patient's symptoms. Dr. Allen also uses a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, which may include medication, psychotherapy, and other complementary therapies to manage the patient's symptoms and improve their quality of life

Dr. Allen attended Loma Linda University School of Medicine in Loma Linda, California. She went on to complete her Residency in Adult Psychiatry at Loma Linda University Medical Center. She completed her Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Emory University, in Atlanta Georgia.

She has particular clinical interests in the areas of ADHD, mood and anxiety disorders, trauma and PTSD in children, adolescents and adults.

Dr. Allen has a holistic view of treatment care where she is interested in engaging and developing the whole person. She believes that people are multidimensional and the integration of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs is important for successful treatment. Dr. Allen believes strongly in a comprehensive treatment approach to include therapy, therapeutic interventions and medical follow up if clinically indicated. Dr. Allen will provide an individualized treatment plan for each patient that focuses on the patient’s unique treatment needs and will monitor their progress along the continuum of treatment. Dr. Allen strives to practice with care and compassion and takes the time to listen to the needs and concerns of her patients. She enjoys the opportunity to work together with parents and their children or with adults individually to improve the quality of their lives.

Professional female psychiatrist in Atlanta Georgia, attentively listening to a patient's concerns, offering expert mental health evaluation and compassionate treatment.
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